Manufacturing as a Service

communication internet for Smart Cities
  • Step 1: Fabric printing
    Digital fabric printing: custom design.
  • Step 2: Garment plot & flex
    inkjet garment plot (flex & flock) printing technology enabling photo-realistic imaging.
  • Step 3: Cutting
    Computer driven single ply cutter: cutting edge CAM technology.
  • Step 4: Sewing
    JIT Japanese stand-up sewing and manufacturing for single piece garment production.
    In microplant, sewing caf├ęs or at home.
  • Step 5: Embroideries
    State-of-the-art Initials-, monogramming-, logo- and embroideries machines.
  • Step 6: 3D printing
    Focus on FDM fused depostion modelling (additive manufacturing).
Internet of Things infrastructure: Communication internet for Smart Cities